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How to get discounts on your homeowners Insurance

Home ownership is both a big responsibility and a big investment.  There are a million little fine details to address, from the mounds of paperwork put in to the mortgage, to monthly maintenance, and the process of getting properly insured.  Then come all the personal details, such as choosing the color of the carpet and what kind of refrigerator you want.  Everything put into the process can seem overwhelming and expensive; so it’s important to save every penny you can, wherever possible.  

Wait… I could qualify for a discount?

Of course you can!  If you follow these steps.  While not every single one of these may apply to you, or you might not be in a position to swing these situations, checking off as many of these options on the list will ensure you save as much money as you can on what might otherwise be a costly monthly expense.

1.Find the Right Insurance Company.

Different insurance companies will offer slightly different types of discounts on your policy, so it’s important to shop around and make sure you find one that caters to your situation the best.  You may want to start with a company you already carry insurance with, perhaps for your auto or life insurance.  Often you’ll find that your current insurance company offers bundling deals — meaning you could save on both insurances if you agree to use that carrier for both.  Many companies also offer loyalty discounts, so you might be eligible for that as well if you choose your current carrier for another policy.  Even if this is the case however, it may still be worth your time to shop around and check out your options.  

2. Have a Clean Record.

Like with auto insurance, having fewer claims (regardless of fault) can mean a better premium, because it says to the insurance company, “I’m responsible and unlikely to need a payout”.  Insurance companies usually base their premiums at least in part on how risky it is to insure you… if they are more likely to have to pay out to cover costs then you will be less safe of a “bet” when it comes to the possibility of paying out benefits.  

3. Show That Your House Is Well-Protected.

As we stated above, insurers will base their premiums on how risky it might be to insure you.  The likelihood that they will have to pay out a large sum of money to cover your damages or losses will have a big role in what they decide to charge.  If you can show that your house is safe-guarded from common perils, you will likely get a discount on what you have to pay.  Some of these safe-guards include having a home security system, as well as a monitored fire/carbon monoxide alarm.  Having other fire precautions can’t hurt either (plus, it will help you stay safe in the event of an actual fire).  

Speaking of well-protected…

4. Live in a Gated Community.

Living in a gated community is so much more than curb appeal.  Besides actually ramping up your safety and often coming with added amenities to your community living space, living in a gated community can allow you to have a great discount on your homeowners insurance.  Not only would a burglar have to get past the gates, but often they would have the job of identifying themselves to entrance and security guards as well.  

5.Be… Old(er). 

It may be true that you’re as young as you feel, but when it comes to insurance companies, if you’ve got that higher number, let ‘em have it!  Known as a “mature homeowners discount”, this is given to homeowners who are more likely to be home during the day (when most burglaries tend to happen) and keep an eye on their home, and they are more likely to lead a quieter, more peaceful life.  

6. Upgrades, Upgrades, Upgrades.

Any home improvements you’ve made, such as new roofing, wiring, or plumbing, can be considered for a discount.  Your insurance company will favor your home if there’s less wear and tear.  Just be careful that you aren’t doing anything that could make your home less safe, and be sure to check with your policy holder to see if what you’re doing will actually count before making any changes.

7. Quit Smoking (Or Refrain From Starting). 

It turns out that refraining from smoking is not only good for your health, it can also save you bucks on your homeowners insurance.  Smoke can settle into the carpets, baseboards and even the walls of the house, potentially making it less equitable.  More importantly, it can be a fire hazard.  

 Checking for these and other factors can be a great way to cut down on the monthly expense of something you may never even have to use.  It’s important to do your research and get the best policy for you. Let an expert agent help you today.  It’s free, and easy to get started.  Just fill out this form, and you’re on your way.  

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